Letter from the Executive Committee December 2014

Dear ASA Members,

It has been 9 months since the AGM in March 2014. During this period of time, big changes have taken place for us and for the University; the most significant of all is we have moved from the old campus to the current and new one, and have been working here since we moved. 

The transition period is not easy. We have to fit into the new working environment while trying to meet more demands at work and higher standards of the work itself. All these are not easy. Here, we simply trust all is well with you all.

A brief summary of what we have done on your behalf since the last AGM is as follows:

  1. We asked the University to allocate to the ASA a room to be used as her office, and a room has been allocated to us at the ground floor of S26. Proposals have been submitted for re-modeling and purchase of furniture, and they have been approved.
  2. We have successfully obtained the first commercial sponsorship, a sum of MOP5,000. Another sponsorship of MOP25,000 is on the way, to be followed by a further possible MOP8,000.
  3. We have set up the ASA website, and had an official ASA chop made.
  4. We organized a farewell party at the end of last semester at the Taipa campus.
  5. A working team has been working on the registration of our organization’s revised constitution with the Government. It is in progress.
  6. A working team has been working on opening a bank account, and it is in progress too.
  7. A revised proposal on staff welfare, including retirement medical assurance and continuation of occupying staff quarters, was submitted to the University. The response has not been positive enough on any specific issues. We continue to work on it.
  8. We have requested through FAH AC meeting that the University should set up a staff room at each and every faculty building, and a central staff club with dining and bar facilities, at the earliest possible dates. The requests are supposed to go up to the Senate, but we have not heard anything yet.
  9. We have collected suggestions for sport facilities to be placed in the recreation rooms of the staff quarter buildings.
  10. Other issues we have passed on to the University also include curbing drag racing by outside cars on the public roads within the campus area, and sorting out refuse, both from households and from offices.

Two other issues worth mentioning separately are, first, responding to members’ requests, the ExCom has passed a resolution to conduct a members-survey on track assignment; the purpose is to do a favour for the administration by collecting professional and objective views from the staff. Second, also responding to members’ requests, we are considering to set up a Staff Resident Association under the ASA. If you have any suggestions on these two issues, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Executive Committee of the UM Academic Staff Association


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