Executive Committee President’s Report for the Year 2014-2015

AGM Report 2015

Yuanjian HE

The Academic Staff Association of the University of Macau

This is a report covering the period from 2014 AGM on 26 March 2014 to now, with four parts: (a) General Directions; (b) Actual Activities; (c) Plans in the Coming Year; (d) acknowledgement.

1. General Directions

The current Executive Committee set out at its first meeting in April 2014 the general directions in which our Association will engage itself and move forward. That is, we will abide by laws, university regulations, and by our Constitution and work for the common good of our own members, and for the common good of all members of the University. In so doing, we seek to work with all members of our Association, and with all members of the University, in peaceful and constructive dialogue and in sincere and trustworthy cooperation.

2. Actual Activities

Other members of the ExCom have just reported various activities of their charge during the past year. I will simply give a summery here.

  1. Held 4 regular ExCom meetings and a number of working group meetings.
  2. Obtained a room in S26 as the ASA office.
  3. Obtained sponsorships in sums of MOP5,000, MOP25,000 and MOP8,000.
  4. Set up ASA website, and an official ASA chop made.
  5. Held a farewell party at the end of last semester at the Taipa campus.
  6. Submitted a revised proposal on staff welfare, including retirement medical assurance and continuation of occupying staff quarters.
  7. Submitted suggestions for sport facilities in staff quarters.
  8. Submitted suggestions of curbing drag racing by outside cars on the public roads on campus, and sorting out refuse, both from households and from offices.
  9. Registering ASA’s revised constitution in progress.
  10. Opening a bank account in progress.
  11. Requesting a staff room at all faculty buildings, and a central staff club on campus with dining and bar facilities.
  12. Requesting to print the same coloured logo on all name cards for academic staff.
  13. Preparing a members-survey on track assignments.
  14. Considering to set up a Staff Resident Association under the ASA.

3. Plans in the Coming Year

The current ExCom was elected for office for 2014-2016. During the coming year, i.e., from now on to the AGM in March 2016, we will continue to work hard for our members in responding to their needs and to their assistance. Specifically, we will try to complete the work listed in the above (9)-(14).

We were elected to serve, and serve we will to the best of our abilities.

There were, are and will be areas where our work is not perfect and unsatisfactory. On behalf of the ExCom, I apologize for those imperfections and non-satisfactions. We will try to do better, with your continuing encouragement and support. And, I must say, only with your continuing encouragement and support, will we be able to do better, for you and all members of the University.

4. Acknowledgment

Here, I would like to thank, first of all, all of our ASA members, for your kindness, encouragement and support in the past year. Then I would like to thank Prof. George Wei, the president of the Supervising Committee, and all members of that committee. For your insights, support and guidance. Finally, I would like to thank my team, all members of the ExCom, for their dedication and hard work, and for their encouragement and support for me. In particular, our Vice President, Dr. Robert Biuk-Aghai, who has been our acting secretary since our secretary is on leave, who and has given his so much of his time and dedication to the work of our Association. Thank you, Robert.

Thank you all!


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