Supervisory Committee President’s Report for the Year 2014-2015

Annual Report by the Supervisory Committee

The Academic Staff Association of the University of Macau

7:00-9:30pm, March 25, 2015

Fortune Inn Restaurant, New Campus on Hengqin

Dear Executive Committee Members,

Dear Academic Staff Association Members:

Tonight, at the first ASA gathering on our beautiful new campus, I would like to take this opportunity to briefly report you on behalf of the Supervisory Committee members about what has been done by the Supervisory Committee in the last year.

From March 2014 to March 2015, the SC members attended four EC meetings and participated in their discussions of various businesses. In general, the SC continued its past working style to be closely involved in the Executive Committee’s working process rather than doing its supervision separately. In other words, the SC supervised the EC business and decision making at its working stage, rather than playing a role of afterwit, with the aim to supervise as well as assist the Executive Committee for solving the problems before them become real. In some case, some SC member even played a more active role by joining some task force. The SC is glad that although the EC has remained the independence of its executive power, it has been paying a close attention to the advices from the SC, either collectively or individually, especially on important matters such as proposal for staff welfare and staff facilities, track system, working mechanism, etc.

Particularly, the SC is very pleased with the tremendous work done by the EC and the achievement gained by the EC under the new leadership, President Yuanjian He and his team Board members. Recently, the SC was very happy to learn that the EC succeeded not only in having its proposal for an ASA room on the new campus approved but also in fundraising of MOP 30,000 to 38,000. Moreover, the EC has set up its website and made its official chop, while vigorously working on the registration of ASA’s constitutional revision with the Macao Government as well as its bank account. All these can’t be achieved without the EC members’ hard work, persistence, and selfless dedication.

Finally, the two year term of this Supervisory Committee is reaching its end. All the SC members have felt much honored to serve on this committee for ASA and thank you all for the trust and giving us this wonderful opportunity. We all enjoyed doing the job and hope that we have met your expectations. We are looking forward to continuing to serve you in another way when the opportunity comes in near future!

George Wei.


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