About Us

The Academic Staff Association of the University of Macau (in Portuguese: Associação dos Professores da Universidade de Macau, in Chinese: 澳門大學教師協會) is an association composed of full-time academic staff members of the University of Macau. Its objectives are:

  • To represent its members in voicing their common views on the affairs of the University and in working for the progress of the University.
  • To initiate intellectual and social activities within the University community.
  • To promote mutual understanding among members of the University.
  • To promote the professional interests and welfare of its members.

The Association has a Presidium of the General Assembly, an Executive Committee and a Supervisory Committee.

The Presidium of the General Assembly mainly organises and runs the Annual General Meeting.

The Executive Committee organises and carries out activities of the Association. It consists of seven members, ideally from different faculties of the University in order to be as representative as possible.

The Supervisory Committee oversees the work of the Executive Committee. It consists of three members from different faculties of the University.

In addition to these committees, the Association may create task forces to work on specific issues. Any members of the Association may be invited to serve on a task force.

Prior to 2014 the English name of the Association was “The Faculty Association of the University of Macau”.

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