Upcoming visit to Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge

The Academic Staff Association is planning an activity which includes a visit to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge on Saturday 13 May 2017. For planning purposes, we need to know how many people will participate in this event.

If you and your spouse are interested to join this activity, please register by email to Guokai Chen (GuokaiChen@umac.mo) or Ruibing Wang (RWang@umac.mo) by Thursday 27 April 2017.


Annual General Meeting 2017

Dear colleagues:

  • ​​Come along and meet our members on Wednesday 22 March, 7:00 pm.
  • Find out what we can do for you ​and the benefits of membership.
  • Enjoy a delicious buffet style dinner at Old Macau Restaurant (banquet room)*.
  • New members are especially welcome.

Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/Jjsy7RTSDO2YNOu83

* Dinner included in the annual membership fee of $100 MOP

The Executive Committee &
The Presidium of the General Assembly
The Academic Staff Association of the University of Macau

2016 Halloween Party

The New Academic Staff Club and Academic Staff Association jointly invite their members to a Halloween Party. All club and association members and their family members are cordially invited to join us!

Date: 29 October 2016 (Saturday)

Time: 7-9 pm

Venue: Open area between Staff Quarters S24-S25.
(In case of bad weather, the Party will be held indoors at PGH S1-G015)

Target: New Academic Staff Club members, Academic Staff Association members, and their family members

Snacks and candies served! Participants are welcome to dress up in Halloween costumes!

See you at the party!

ASA achieves coloured logo name cards for all

Several months ago our Association approached the UM management to ask for all UM academic staff, regardless of rank, to be issued name cards with the gilded colour UM logo. Up until now the coloured logo has been reserved for a select few only, including deans and rectors, whereas everyone else could only have the plain blue logo printed on their cards. In effect this created an unnecessary division among the ranks of UM’s staff.

We are glad to report that the UM management has consented, and from now on all full-time academic staff at all ranks and administrative staff who are eligible for name card printing may request these coloured logos on their name cards. For environmental protection, however, we suggest you use up your current supply of name cards before requesting the new cards.

ASA received a room from UM

We are glad to report that ASA has received a room from the University that serves as our office and official address, namely S26-G009. The ground floor of the S26 building is still a construction site, but our room has already been renovated for our use, and the Executive Committee inaugurated the room by holding its first meeting there today, 23 April 2015. The Academic Staff Association is grateful to the University management for providing us this room.

Here are our committee members at work for you:

ExCo Meeting

Meeting of the ASA Executive Committee in S26-G009 on 23 April 2015

ASA held its Annual General Meeting on 25 March 2015

On 25 March 2015, 43 members of our Association gathered at the Fortune Inn Restaurant on campus to hold this year’s Annual General Meeting. Besides various reports of our activities and achievements during the past year, the main three agenda items were:

  1. Approval of the proposed new constitution. We have been in the process of registering our revised constitution, as well as our new English and Chinese names, with the relevant Macau government departments for the past year. Finally we were told to adopt a simpler constitution in a standard format. To comply with the government’s requirement, our legal adviser drafted up a constitution in the required format, which was presented to our members. The new constitution was unanimously approved.
  2. Election of the Presidium of the General Assembly. This is a new body required by the Macau government as well as under the rules of our new constitution, and is tasked mainly with organising and running the annual general meeting. The elected members are: Xu Daming (FAH) as President, Li Ying (FSS) as Vice-President, and Joshua Lee (ELC) as Secretary.
  3. Election of the new Supervisory Committee. The 2-year term of our outgoing Supervisory Committee that had been serving since 2013 has ended, and a new Supervisory Committee was elected. The new members are: Chen Yang (FST) as President, Kim Hughes Wilhelm (FAH) as Vice-President, and Christopher Kelen (FAH) as Secretary.

Annual General Meeting 2015

Our Association’s annual general meeting will be held as follows:

Date: 25 March 2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 19:00 – 21:30
Venue: Fortune Inn Restaurant (富臨軒), Building N1, UM Campus

This is an important meeting which we hope all our members will attend. We will begin with a delicious Chinese meal, after which we will proceed to the meeting proper. The main items to be discussed and voted on are the new constitution (the Macau government requires further changes, so we need to take a new vote on a new constitution), and the election of our Supervisory Committee and the Presidium of our General Assembly (a new body required by the Macau government).

UM full-time academic colleagues who are not yet members can sign up as members on the spot and join our dinner and meeting right away. We hope many colleagues will take this opportunity to join us.

We look forward to seeing you all at our AGM!